Implementation of carboxylates in livestock

Carboxylates are widely used for the production of feed additives, disinfectants and antibacterial agents for animals and birds.

Feed additives based on BNP carboxylates help optimize production under intensive fattening by improving productivity and efficiency of feed while maintaining environmental safety and nutritional value of the final product. Carboxylates, as a part of feed additives:

  • act as a powerful co-factor;
  • act as a stimulant of physiological and biochemical processes;
  • promote the activation of the redox reaction type and cellular respiration.

A number of leading scientific centers of Ukraine (A.N. Marzeev Institute for Hygiene and Medical Ecology of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Ukrainian State Institute of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and others) confirmed the scientific rationale for the use of the carboxylates of macro- and microelements in the composition of premixes.

The usage of carboxylates of macro- and microelements in the composition of premixes for livestock allows to:

  • Increase the average weight gain during fattening up to 12%;
  • Reduce the cost of feed for livestock production;
  • Increase the resistance of the system (organism?);
  • Increase the safety of young animals;
  • Stimulate the reproductive functions of breeding stock;
  • Shorten the duration of fattening;
  • Improve the functional properties of animal products;
  • Optimize the process of fattening.
Antibacterials and disinfectants on the basis of carboxylates have the following properties:

  • Broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity;
  • Prolongation (up to six months depending on the concentration of the solution and deposition conditions);
  • Absence of resistance;
  • Safety for human health, animals and environment.

Our products have passed all the required tests, received veterinary certificate  and can be  successfully used for livestock breeding.