Disinfecting and Cleaning

BNP Group offers a wide range of disinfectants and surface cleaners, specifically designed to meet the following quality standards:

  • High antimicrobial activity: bactericidal effect of our disinfectants is 1750 times stronger than the one of carbolic acid, and 3.5 times stronger than the effect of mercuric chloride, chlorine, and sodium hypochlorite. Our disinfectants kill pathogens of the genus Salmonella, Avian tuberculosis, parasitic diseases, and other viruses;
  • Prolonged effect: our products are unique due to their prolonged action (up to six months depending on the concentration of the working solution and application conditions);
  • Prevention of formation of resistant strains during long-term use;
  • Non-toxic for humans and animals; safe for environment. The degree of impact on the body of our disinfectants refers to low-hazard substances (Grade 4) when swallowed or inhaled (in the form of aerosol and vapor). Can be used as an alternative to ventilation

Our disinfectants are approved for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industry, medicine and veterinary medicine.

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